Where Can You Find an Agent You Trust in Augusta?

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Ann Marie McManus has been in the real estate industry for many years, and today, she discusses her experience in the industry and what it means to her!

Ann Marie is a second-generation Realtor. She firmly believes that she is helping people build a good life by making smart real estate moves in Augusta. She believes that, in real estate, it’s all about the people you serve – their needs should be met and their expectations should be exceeded. Clients should walk away from a transaction knowing their needs were put before the agent’s.


When Ann Marie gets a call, the first thing she does is ask a lot of questions. When buying or selling real estate, you want to work with someone who has been through it all and knows the process backwards and forwards, and someone who knows how to avoid common pitfalls and what approach to take in each and every situation.

If you need an experienced real estate consultant to help you make sense of the market or accomplish your real estate goals, Ann Marie is the Realtor for you! You can reach her directly at (706) 481-3800 or visit her website at www.annmariemcmanus.com to see what she has to offer!