The Importance of Pricing Your Home Correctly

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You put your house on the market, but you don’t have any offers. What do you do now?


First, take a step back. If you’ve had showings without any offers, that could indicate a pricing problem. If your home is priced too high, it could help other properties sell. Similar homes priced correctly will seem like a deal once buyers have seen your overpriced property.

If you haven’t had any activity at all, that points to a serious pricing problem. Have a serious conversation about finding a fairer price. You have to be aggressive. The amount of listing activity shows the potential a home has.

If you lower the price, be decisive. Don’t just lower the price slightly. Buyers will notice, and instead of making an offer, they will wait for the next price reduction. While lowering the price a little bit at a time is a popular strategy, it’s not the best for you.

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