How the Masters Tournament Affects Augusta Real Estate

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Every April, there’s a golf tournament that attracts a few hundred thousand people to town. It actually impacts the local real estate market. In fact, many people rent their homes for the Masters Tournament. Ann Marie’s daughter works in the Masters housing business, so we have exclusive insight on the niche market.

Clients often ask how much their home goes for if they decide to rent it out. We often notice a bedroom with a bathroom connected inside typically goes for more than those without. We see people adding bathrooms to market to this audience.1.5.16

Additionally, we notice Augusta homeowners get a head-start if they rent in April. They know how to prepare even the exterior of their home to add curb appeal.

We’ve noticed rental prices increase. In certain areas of town, we’ve even examined a pattern taking place. For instance, six months worth of rent can cover your home mortgage entirely, depending on your neighborhood. That’s huge.

Augusta is a hospitable town, too. Beyond the profits, renting your home is a fun thing to do. Visitors seem to enjoy our lifestyle.

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