Tips for Hiring the Right Augusta Real Estate Agent

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It’s amazing how competitive the real estate industry is. There are over one thousand real estate agents in the greater Augusta Board of Realtors. How do you know to pick the right one?

You need to ask a lot of questions. First, ask how long they have been in real estate. It’s important to know what kind of markets they have experienced. For example, have they worked in a rapidly moving market? That could come in handy in our current market, as prices are rising quickly.

Do they have the skills to handle the market when things get tough? Over the past few years, agents have learned how to navigate new appraisal guidelines, lending guidelines, and more. An experienced agent knows how to be successful in a declining market as well as a rising market.

We also recommend asking the agent how many transactions they completed the previous year. Nationally, the average agent only sells 4 homes a year. Of those 1,000 Augusta real estate agents, a lot of them are part-time.4.26

It’s important to know how many transactions a Realtor has done because then you have an idea of how active they are in the current market. Every day, there’s something new to learn in the real estate industry. You want to make sure your agent sells often enough to help you be successful in your transaction.

Ann Marie has over 30 years of real estate experience and has sold over 1,500 homes. Experience matters. If you have any questions, give Ann Marie a call or send her an email. She would be happy to help you!