The Importance of Using Local Mortgage Professionals

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You’ve heard the expression “stay local” – so I wanted to bring in a 30-year local real estate veteran in Ann Marie McManus to talk about the importance of having a local pro by your side when dealing with something as monumental as a mortgage.


With the advent of the internet, Ann Marie says, we see a lot of people searching online to check rates. While it’s a good way to get knowledge, it’s not a great way to decide who is going to finance your home. She always recommends that you use a local mortgage company, because it’s such an important relationship. They will advise you long-term, and provide accountability.

It’s a topic that should be taken seriously. You need a lender you can rely on when it’s time to move and the only thing between you and closing the deal is the lender. Are they going to stay late and make sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed? Ann Marie also stresses the importance of local underwriters.

Ann Marie certainly knows how to leverage mortgage expertise and where to find the best professionals in Augusta. You can reach her at 706-481-3800 or visit her website.