How to Get Up to 18% More When Selling Your Home: Part 2

 In part two of our five part series on how to earn up to 18% more for your home, we’ll be talking about the three strategies our team uses to boost a property’s presentation.

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Today, we’re back with the second installment of our series on how to earn up to 18% more money when selling your home. This time, we’ll be discussing your property’s presentation.

There are three key tasks our team takes on to make sure our clients’ homes look their best on the market:

1. Staging. Homes that are staged sell much faster and for between 2% to 3% more money than those that aren’t.

2. Taking professional photos. In conjunction with other media, like videos, photos generally act as a buyer’s first impression of your property. Great photos lead to higher levels of exposure and, ultimately, higher levels of success.

3. Giving your home online exposure. The value of boosting a listing through the internet cannot be overstated. In this day and age, social media and other online platforms are ideal places to advertise a listing.

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