How to Get Up to 18% More When Selling Your Home: Part 3

In the third part of our five-part series, we’ll discuss pricing your home.

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We’re back today with the third installment of our five-part series on how to earn up to 18% more money when selling your home. This time, we’ll be discussing the part that really helps our sellers get more out of their home: pricing.

When finding that perfect price, you need to make sure you’re getting pricing advice from someone with integrity and knowledge about the market. Some agents have a tendency to only tell you what you want to hear, so it’s important to have the information and guidance needed to make an informed decision.

By simply pricing a home strategically, we can get a seller can get at least 10% more for their home. We look at where homes are selling and price ours slightly less than those on the market, but slightly more than ones that have sold. Recently, we were able to get a seller $20,000 more than what their previous Realtors thought the home was worth. Market knowledge is an invaluable tool.

It’s just as important that your Realtor has the integrity we talked about. Otherwise, you may be tempted to go with someone who can sell your home quickly but for much less. You want to go with the agent who both understands the market and isn’t just trying to get hired by telling you what you want to hear.

If you have any questions about pricing your home strategically, want to buy or sell your home, or need any information, feel free to call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Next time, we’ll be covering how to market your home.