How to Get Up to 18% More When Selling Your Home: Part 4

In the fourth part of our series, we’ll discuss marketing your home. 

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Today, we’re back with the fourth installment of our series on how to earn up to 18% more money when selling your home. This time, we’ll be discussing the part that really helps our sellers get more out of their home: marketing.

We market our homes on three levels: internationally, nationally, and locally. Because of our contacts, we’ve been referred to people who are new to the area and looking for local expertise. We see our listings on real estate websites that are focused on the international market.

We also belong to strong national networks and see a few referrals each month. These referrals come from other agents who send us business from another part of the country. Our marketing department does a great job making sure our listings are seen on a national scale. Our relocation department sold over 530 homes last year.

On a local scale, we simply apply our many years of experience and build interest the old-fashioned way. This means hours spent on the phone, connecting with potential buyers and sellers.

The connections we’ve developed help us market our homes to people anywhere in the world and ensure that many potential buyers will get the chance to see your home.

If you have any questions about our marketing, want to buy or sell your home, or need any information, feel free to call us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Next time, we’ll be covering negotiation on a home.