The Latest Color Trend

Will this latest paint color trend be the one that takes over?

Every year, we wonder what trends will fade away and what new trends will be picked up. Today I’ll talk about the paint color trends in 2022.

I’ve just received a staging designation as a real estate professional  through Staging Studio. We talked about the significance of paint colors as a selling point.

Each year in the design world a Pantone color is selected for the color of the year!!

This year the color is Veri Peri, a shade of periwinkle blue.

You’ll love this!! The color is described as 

“A New Pantone Color Whose Courageous Presence Encourages Personal Inventiveness And Creativity”

Grey and cool colors are headed out!  
We are seeing a use of a lot more color move into design.  
Of course, Augusta is still Classic!
Your safest bet in staging in Augusta is just to warm up those neutrals 
We will watch to see how this trend evolves throughout the rest of the country, so be on the lookout!!  

If you have staging questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me by phone or email. I look forward to hearing from you!