Physician Relocation Program

Physician Relocation Program

Often medical professionals are transferred to other cities while others are moving into our city. This results in a constant relocation process that needs to be navigated by an expert.

Physican relocation is often thought of as its own field of real estate. Ann Marie is a physican relocation specialist and has completed specialized training to understand the specific paperwork involved in the relocation process. There are many benefits associated with this relocation certification and these benefits are awarded to those experts who follow the process through correctly.

Relocation is a time-intensive sub-specialty, but an important one for all who need to buy or sell a home quickly due to a job transfer.

Our team are experts in this field; we understand the market and where the job transfers are coming from. We have the knowledge of housing needs based on previous experiences. We understand the aspects of various types of relocations and can ensure new residents get to know Augusta the way they need to.

There are many factors that go into finding a home in a new area, and we understand this. We prides ourselves on discovering the needs of each family, showing them homes based on their priorities, and then letting the family decide. Whether they want to be close to entertainment or a great school district, we will help them find a home in an area that is most beneficial to them!



Connect with professionals that will help make the buying process easy. We know the lenders and bankers who offer special programs for physicans to make their life easier, and help grow and protect their financial health. As well as having relationships with local home inspectors, handymen, and even dog care if needed.

We take you on tours of local neighborhoods, schools, supermarkets, and even our favorite local spots. We want you to know Augusta and the CSRA like we do.

We all know how inconvenient it can be to have to make travel arrangements. We work with the admin to coordinate, pick up, and drop off times at the airport and hotels to alleviate the stress of making travel plans.

Our goal is to remain easily accessible to answer any questions you may have during this process. We will call and talk to the candidate and if possible family members. This is a big decision and everyone likes to be kept in the loop. You can reach us with just a single phone call.

We take you through a series of questions to customize the area tour according to your specific preferences and requirements. We can show you everything that would excite YOU about moving to Augusta.

We’ll check in with you after you return home and have discussed your impressions with your family to ensure that you have no lingering questions or concerns. Our aim is to ensure your comfort and confidence in making this


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