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Why Buyers Want to Be Pre-Qualified

Why should buyers pre-qualify with a local lender?
Today I’ll give the buyers out there some tips on pre-qualification to help get their dream house.
Everybody talks about how getting pre-qualified is the most important thing to do first. These days, it’s even more important that you get pre-qualified by a local lender. They should be a trusted lender that your agent knows will close on time and who won’t treat you like another file in the pile.
The advantage of having a local lender is two-fold. First, you’ll have an in-person contact who can guide you through the process. We know that interest rates won’t stay this low forever, so you’ll want someone who can advise you on refinancing, when to buy your first house, when to turn it into a rental, etc. Secondly, establishing that relationship will save you from suffering delays. If you’re working with somebody local, they’re going to make sure the job is done right.
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